Did you know?
Video content is the future of digital content marketing. 45% of Internet users watch an hour (or more) of video content on the web.
People view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them. 73% of consumers bought a product after watching an interesting video about it.
Video offers content that is easy to digest, easy to engage and arise emotions.
If people like your brand video, they will spend more time in your website or social media page and they will also share it with their friends.

What we do
We can create beautiful visual stories that will serve your brand or cause. We can create powerful narratives that will engage your audience.
Don’t forget that human brain is wired for story. We process the world through storytelling, we communicate with stories.

About Eirini
Filmmaker and shooting director.

Director and producer.
Founding member of Beforelight art collective.

Master in Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Master of Fine Arts in Cinema, San Francisco State University
Fulbright Scholar, Greek State Scholar

San Francisco Art Foundation Fellow
Biennal Foundation Selected Artist for Rome BJCEM

Video producer for GreekTV online magazine.

If you have any questions (or just wanna say hi)
t.0030 2107753881
m.0030 6973034027