Music video for Greek singer-songwriter Christos Thivaios and his new song “Angel” from LP “Ιron Island”. “Iron Island” songs were inspired by the Serifos island miners struggle against exploitation in the beginning of the 20th century.
The video has an intensely dramatic lighting and tone, its narrative was choreographed and performed by Plefsis team Antonis Koutroumpis and Olga Gerogiannaki. Two performers crawl out of darkness into a shallow water pond, where water drips from the sky. They dance and battle on wet dark ground.They debate the boundaries of light and shadow. They struggle to step on their feet in order to lift themselves towards the source of the light, the exit of the cave.

Performance- Choreography: Team Plefisi  (Olga Gerogiannaki,Antonis Koutroumpis)
Director-Editor: Eirini Steirou
Cinematographer: Anthony Katrakazis
Αrt Direction: Eliza Alexandropoulou
Costumes: Olga Gerogiannaki
Gaffer: Michalis Kloukinas
Camera Assistant: Valia Lekka