Series of commercial vodcasts commissioned from Gutenberg Books publishing house.

Five love poems become short films in order to promote Gutenberg Books‘ Palatine Anthology, a collection of ancient love poems dating from 7th century BC until 600 AD. The series was commissioned to play during St Valentine’s week and to be part of a social media promotion campaign of the “Palatine Anthology” book.

Cast: Gioulika Skafida, Periklis Asimakopoulos
Location: Nadja Apartment by Point Supreme architects,
Producer/Director: Eirini Steirou
Art Director: Efi Gousi
Director of Photography: Nikos Thomas
Sound/Assistant Director: Adam Alexopoulos
Styling: Sandra Sotiriou
Make up & Hair: Christina Roussi
Voice recording: Giorgos Litsikakis
Post production: Stavros Symeonidis
Special Thanks to Nadia Konstantinou and Kostas Stratantonakis for their warm hospitality in Nadja apartment.


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