Kiss-in, is public intimacy and equal right for all?

Are still Greek people shocked by an act of affection and intimacy coming from a homosexual (lesbian) couple in public? Is public trust and tolerance, demonstrated to the private moments coming from a straight couple, equally shared to lesbian couples, as well? This mini documentary uses a social experiment technique to answer the above questions. GreekTV has committed itself to present, equally, subjects that concern the whole spectrum of Greek society and to promote diversity.
GreekTV commissioned the first original video for the launch of its LGBT section to be a mini documentary from members of a collective of lesbian and bisexual women, an inside look at issues that concern bisexual and lesbian women in Greece.
The members of the collective after an open invitation and rounds of discussion decided to ask from a lesbian couple to be openly intimate in downtown Athens, especially the Athens central food market (Varvakios Agora) and Monastiraki square, in order to investigate how the people around them would react and what would the impact be for the two women. Before that, they have shared thoughts, stories and worries about their life and their rights in contemporary Greece with the crew and the director and host Rebecca Varnali. The result is a fresh, spontaneous and honest look into the lives of greek lesbian and bisexual women.

Video creators:
Members of CineCollectiva (Σινεκολεκτίβα), an open Facebook Group that has been formed by women active in the field of Greek Cinema either professionally or amateurly. Their main goal is to empower themselves as female artists and creators through collectivity.
Creative Producer: Nina Foufa
Director – Host: Rebecca Varnali
Camera: Ypatia Kornarou, Sofia Zachariadi, Eirini Steirou
Editing: Nikoleta Leousi
Produced by Eirini Steirou and GreekTV, LLC

Screened in
2105 Outview Film Festival, Athens, Greece
KCET Link TV, Los Angeles, USA