“People often think old Greek music is dead. It is not, it only needs a little bit of humidity in order to blossom again”. This is what Katerina Papadopoulou, a Greek vocalist says, in order to explain why she initiated project Anastatica.

Anastatica project is a collaboration between musicians and a vocalist that remaster old traditional tunes and songs into ethnic music. Vocals and dance are equally incorporated in their music. They value music that is transferred from place to place and from one era to another, without losing its originality and drive.

What does Anastatica stands for? Anastatica hierochundica is the latin name for the Rose of Jericho. Katerina describes how the Rose of Jericho describes so well what she and her band does. The rose of Jericho is a plant that lives in the desert, it dries up, and curls its branches into a tight ball. Within that ball the seeds remain dormant for a long period of time. The wind spreads these roses far away and only when they are wetted again the plant wakes up from its dormant state, dispersing the seeds. The same way, Katerina wants old Greek music to reach out in different countries and people and to flourish again.

Anastatica project consists of

Katerina Papadopoulou: Vocals
Stefanos Dorbarakis: Canun
Cihan Turkoglu: Tarhu
Kyriakos Tapakis: Oud – Laud
Manousos Klapakis: Percussions
Chariton Charitonidis: Bagpipe, dance
Nikos Paraoulakis: Sound engineering


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