A peek behind the curtain.

This is a video portrait of Beetroot Design Group, a world-renowned communication design office, based in Greece.
We had the chance to spend a day in their workspace and discuss everything from the origins of the group to creative techniques and inspirations for their work.
We also discussed about their Greek Monsters, an original self-initiated project that has been exhibited all over the world.

Directed by Eirini Steirou
Cinematography by Nikos Thomas
Edited by Eirini Steirou & Stavros Symeonidis
Original score by Manos Milonakis
Mixed by Stavros Symeonidis
Produced by Eirini Steirou & GreekTV

Shot at Beetroot offices in Thessaloniki, Greece
Interviews by Vagelis Liakos and Kostas Poulopoulos
Stills with creative work provided by Beetroot

Special thanks to
Beetroot Design Group for their hospitality
Adam Alexopoulos, Maria Lazaridou, Dimitra Aloutzanidou, Kelly Efraimidou, Kostas Pappas


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