Teaser video for the prelaunch web page of GreekTV website.

The video announces the launch of a new online destination where 17 million Greeks worldwide can connect, share information, and be entertained while exploring the ever-evolving Greek culture. ?he origins of GreekTV date to a radio show produced in San Francisco by Louis Vitalis in 1940. From those beginnings, GreekTV was born and went on to become one of the longest running ethnic television shows in the United States.

Therefore, we decided for the teasing video to play around, with images, sounds  and themes uniquely greek, (the tsamiko, the tsolias and the tsarouchi shoe), however, not without a a contemporary” twist”.   Dance as a theme  is not only the “kefi” and joy of Greek culture, but more important it is the idea of community and unity between us. We wanted to warm people’s heart, make them laugh and show them  that they are part of an open, modern and progressive community.

Director: Eirini Steirou
Director of Photography: Vassilis Klotsotiras, GSC
Production Design: Evangelia Katehi
Creative Direction: Manolis Vantarakis
Cast: . Iakovos Molybakis, John Sofologis, Lazaros Vartanis
Music: Traditional Tsamiko from Roumeli performed by Domna Samiou and Petros Athanasopoulos-Kalyvas
Logo and Site design: Antonis Evreniadis
Site development: Antonis Despotakis
Produced by GreekTV


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