Silver Screen Stars is a video collection of ten black and white shorts produced by BrainCo. Shorts feature improvisations by Greek theater and literature personalities. Every performance is very special in its own way, respecting or defying the limits of off-screen space, creating a small story, or offering an intentionally ambiguous performance. For style’s sake, no camera movement is allowed, every short has to be less than 100secs and classical music is to be used to score it. The improvisations took place in three installments inside a time period from 2011 to 2014.

The initiative for this series belongs to BrainCo and aknowledged Greek journalist and television presenter Semina Digeni, who commissioned and produced the collection forĀ  Brainco‘s website.
You can find and watch the whole collection, with commentary from Semina Digeni and backstage photo coverage in BrainCo’s site or in BrainCo vimeo channel

Special thanks to Roula Pateraki for her guidance in the beginning of the project.