“No matter how many safety nets we have to catch us when we fall, we are still vulnerable to life’s pitfalls”.

Safety Net is a psychological drama about dependability and trust that intercuts between the lives of a woman trapped in a failing marriage and a man faced with an extreme financial burden. The film examines their reactions in the face of betrayal and injustice, which set them on a collision course for disaster.

Produced and Directed by Eirini Steirou


Salma: Jennifer Pauly
Nikita: Cole Panther
Oscar: Eric Andersen
Valerie: Judith Reuter


Photography: Joe Rivera
Production Design: Lisa Roxanne Hyden
Sound design: Ryan J.Frias, Adam Hain, Joe Menke
Music: My Wet Calvin
Associate Producer: Laila Hotait Salas
Graphic Design: Nina Schneider

Screenings and Awards:

San Francisco Arts  Commission Gallery: Immediate Future Exhibition, CA, USA- The 2009 Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship for the Arts
Snohomish Carnegie International Film Festival, WA,USA -Best Short Film Award
Life n’ Art Short Film Festival, Athens, Greece – Best Director Award
52 nd Rochester International Film Festival-Shoestring Trophy, NY, USA -Honorable mention
13th Jay Sanders Film Festival, AL, USA- Competition
2010 Bare Bones Film and Music Arts Film Festival, OK,USA- Official student short nomination
11th On Location: Memphis International Film and Music Festival, TN, USA- Student Shorts section
Action On Film International Film Festival 2010, CA, USA Competition
2010 Big Water Film Festival, WI, USA Official selection
3rd London Greek Film Festival, London, UK Official selection
8th Naoussa International Film Festival, Naoussa, Greece, Competition

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